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Podcasts have become one of my favorite things about knitting.  I have a few knitting friends nearby but life is so busy and nearby is technically almost an hour away along with my LYS, so podcasters  have become my friends.  How many people can relate to that?

So weekly I enjoy my fix of seeing my friends chat about their knitting, spinning, sewing, and other interests along with their lives and I love it.  I feel like I’m in a knitting group and while I can’t contribute, this works well with my quiet, shy personality.  Yet it makes me long to go to a retreat or a fiber festival so that is next on my to do list.  I would love to go to SAFF this year but driving 7-8 hours across NC alone with a chronic illness is not something my husband is crazy about letting me do.  2-3 hours, yes, that far, no, not really and he’s right.  I would exhaust myself.  And unfortunately it falls in the middle of deer season or otherwise he would be glad to take me.  So for now I enjoy my podcasters and live vicariously through them.

I both listen to audio ones and watch video ones.  The audio for the car and sometimes doing things around the house, and the video for when I sit and knit.  I have my favorites but I am always looking for new ones.  Here are some of my favorites:

Audio knitting podcasts:

Video knitting podcasts:

These are just a sampling, and the ones I watch as much as I can.  There are others I watch pretty regularly and I will add them in another post in the future.

Have a suggestion of a podcast you don’t see here?  Have a podcast you don’t see here?  Let me know in the comments.  I’m always looking for new podcasts to watch/listen to!

What are some of your favorites and why?  Let me know.  I love talking about podcasts.

Have a great knitting day all!