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Product Review: The Silver Shed USA Project Bags

The wonderful world of podcasts taught me about project bags.  Before I learned of these actual knitting/crochet/crafting specific bags, I used spare purses I had lying around. But then I saw them.  I think it was first on the Stockinette Zombies podcast.  And then I found out Amy’s Mom made project bags.  I first tried some others that were a little smaller and cheaper and I’ll review those soon, but then I finally came around to these.  And it was love at first sight or use or both.


The shop is The Silver Shed USA.  These bags are wonderful.  And I think the price is amazing for what you get.  She has lots of fun fabrics, a variety of of sizes and even options to add things to the bags.  I haven’t done this yet because I just like the bags themselves.  I have bought both the Medium Wedge and the Large Wedge.  I have two of the medium wedge which are perfect for socks (even two at a time) and other smaller projects and one medium wedge which is perfect for a shawl pattern.  I’m sure it’s perfect for other medium-large projects as well but all I have tried it for so far is the Wildes Meer shawl by Voolenvine Yarns.  I like it because a printed pattern fits in it without having to fold it and as my shawl is getting bigger I don’t have to squish it to fit it in the bag.  The medium wedge is perfect for my two-at-a-time socks, because there is plenty of room for the two balls of yarn.  She has the add-on to add a lengthwise division to keep the balls of yarn separate.  I can see the benefit to this and will probably order this extra next time, but for now my bags work just great.  I have plenty of room in the medium wedge for a pattern, two balls of yarn and my sock project without having to squish anything.

And quality-wise, the bags are well made.  The zippers work great and coordinate well.  I love the inside fabric.  The construction is amazing and I know how hard this is to do.  I use to sew and try to make bags so I know that this is really great construction because I have tried to do this sort of thing.  Ann knows what she is doing and she must enjoy it because she is prolific at making bags.  She even has a custom order option.

So run check her shop out. She has all types of fabric from playful, to nerdy, to a more traditional look.  There is honestly something for everyone (who doesn’t love a bag with knitting kittens? This may be my next one.)  This is not a paid advertisement.  I bought my bags from her.  I just wanted to share a wonderful Etsy shop if you haven’t already heard of her.

I will be featuring other shops in the near future so stay tuned!




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