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What I’m reading

As an aside, I thought on Thursday I would do a “What I am Reading” post.  So many of us knitters are also big readers.  So what am I reading this week?

Well usually I am a big fiction reader, but recently I’ve been into self-help, specifically into financial, then branching into business.  My husband is self-employed and I’m thinking of things I can do on the side to increase our income so some of these are extremely relevant to that.  And then also I am working on exercising daily so I need motivation there.  Soon I plan on getting fiction back in because I have some excellent books from the library and downloaded on my Kindle that I cannot wait to read.  And I use to listen to audio books a lot but it seems podcasts have taken over there.  Oh well.

So here you go:


See a pattern?  Yes I might be a little obsessed with Dave Ramsey right now.  I guess there are worse obsessions to have.  I am truly trying with the help of my husband to get the family on track.  But oh it hurts to tighten the budget.  And Voolenvine is having an update Friday. Sigh . . .  Did I make a misc category this month in the budget, I must go see 😉

What are you reading?  What kind of books do you like to read?  I read just about anything so any suggestions are great.

Have a happy knitting and reading day!

Note: I have amazon affiliate links associated with the books above. That is not my motivating factor for making this post, but if you would like to purchase through my links I greatly appreciate it. My motivating factor is simply to share what I am reading 🙂



40-something wife and mom of two boys, one dog and one cat. Work in marine science. Love to knit and spend time on the boat during the summer. Favorite places are Cape Lookout and Ocracoke. Wish I didn't have to work but at least I do love my job. Also love reading and exercise, mainly walking and riding my bike though I hope to get back into running and plan on training to at least walk a half-marathon this fall.

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