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Yarn Along: Dish Towel

So I started knitting with a dishcloth in a class at my LYS.  I loved it and loved using it.  I made some from time-to-time.  Then I started using them regularly and fell in love with them.  Now I always have a dishcloth or dish towel on the needles.  Some may be for me, some may be for gifts, some may be for a future etsy store.  All are for my knitting enjoyment.  I mean they are easy to work on, mindless even.  I work on them in drive thrus, on the beach at the Cape, at home watching tv, sitting in traffic, at the doctor’s office, pretty much anywhere.  They are awesome, easy, quick and practical.  What more can I say.   The pattern I am using is the Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus (I think I use a 57 stitch cast-on for the dish towel here) and the yarn is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in gray. So here is my contribution for this week’s Yarn Along (my first) along with my current book.  I’m reading several, more on that tomorrow, but this is my main one.  I’m loving it, it’s actually helping me plan out this blog and motivate me. I love Dave Ramsey!


Want to join in the Yarn Along or simply see what others are working on and reading? Click below and visit the Small Things blog and participate!



40-something wife and mom of two boys, one dog and one cat. Work in marine science. Love to knit and spend time on the boat during the summer. Favorite places are Cape Lookout and Ocracoke. Wish I didn't have to work but at least I do love my job. Also love reading and exercise, mainly walking and riding my bike though I hope to get back into running and plan on training to at least walk a half-marathon this fall.

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