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I’m Back . . . .

So I’m back and plan on sticking with it this time.  I at first changed my name and started a new blog and then realized that was stupid. I really liked this name.  So here goes (and if you’ve seen part of this post before, don’t worry, more original posts are coming, I just wanted to migrate over my new posts).

My knitting time can be great and it can be small but I treasure it however much I get.  It helps keep me sane and I love that I can create something beautiful with my hands.

I will knit just about anything. My current projects include a dish towel, the Wildes Meer shawl by Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns and the Yarngasm Podcast, and a pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks in Purple Rain by Desert Vista Dyeworks.  I will get pictures up of my progress in the next few days.  Along with links to my Ravelry profile and my other social media, but I wanted to start the blog with something so here I am.

I hope to chronicle my adventures in knitting and I would love to hear from you and see what you are doing as well!



40-something wife and mom of two boys, one dog and one cat. Work in marine science. Love to knit and spend time on the boat during the summer. Favorite places are Cape Lookout and Ocracoke. Wish I didn't have to work but at least I do love my job. Also love reading and exercise, mainly walking and riding my bike though I hope to get back into running and plan on training to at least walk a half-marathon this fall.

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