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A Fresh Start

So I’ve blogged on blogger as a book reviewer so now I’m going to try my hand at blogging about my yarn crafting.  I am currently primarily a knitter though I learned to crochet first and still love to do that as well.  But my main love is knitting (well besides my family obviously) 😉

So this blog will be about my yarn adventures.  I’m just trying this out so we’ll see how it goes, but I hope you will join me in my journey.

A little about me, my name is Crystal, I am married and have two boys, one is 14 and about to start high school and the other is 10 and about to start 5th grade.  We also have two cats, Nala and Batman and you will probably see them in some pictures. And we have a dog, Chewey (Chewbacca).  I taught myself to crochet almost two years ago. I could not for the life of me teach myself to knit so I finally took a class at my kind of LYS.  It’s about an hour away.  I took the class before Christmas got busy and promptly forgot everything. Then a friend of mine suggested we take a boot cuff class together at the kind-of-LYS.  We did and that spawned me to be a knitting maniac.  I don’t have a ton to show for the last 7 months, but I am steadily trying new things and new projects.

I have a bunch of projects kitted up.  Plenty in my ravelry queue and library and lots of yarn.

I am in the  midst of my first sweater.  I am knitting it for my husband and I will show you more of that in the next few posts.

So that’s it for now.  Look for pictures, progress and just general what’s going on in future posts.  I look forward to meeting and communicating with you.  If there is something you would like to know or see, just leave a comment and I will work on it.

Happy Thursday al!